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Neon wrote:

I have done a lot of business with Moore's and have found them very helpful, honest, and trustworthy.

Steve T. wrote:

I have done some business with Moore's and have always been satisfied with the parts I have recieved. The only thing I found is that if you call about something and then wait to long to decide on whether or not to purchase it the price has a tendency to go up quite a bit. At least that's what happened to me.


Rolland wrote:

I have only one experience with Moores. I purchased a fuel tank from them. It was described as essentially like new and priced accordingly. I agreed to the price but when I received it I found it usable and it did not leak. However it was far from a new tank. I was dented and had some rust. I tried to negotiate a price that was more in line with the tank I received but had no success.

My recommendation is get a good description of the product you are buying.


Jim M. wrote:

The only experience I've had or will have with Moore's was buying a rear end unit for my 1939 C24. (Something Walmart doesn't stock on their shelves) I was concerned with condensation pitting that part of the ring gear not in the lube. I was assured it was fine. I received it in an oily unclean condition including the So. Dakota dirt where they had dropped it & pitting in the ring gear. I was dunned for the remainder of the
payment ($200.00) on a weekly basis. I told them they wouldn't be getting the money & if they wanted the part, "come & get it." Haven't heard from them since!

Such is life's little speed bumps. It's jungle out there. :)

John S. wrote:

I've done quite a bit of business with Moores & have found them to be honest & very helpful. As a matter of fact, one of the things I purchased from them was a hood. It is for a 60 & rust free.


Alex wrote:

I have dealt with them and had no problems.


Eric M. wrote:

I've dealt with Moore's in SD several times and was always treated properly. They are on my good list. (You have to call, they have no internet)


K.L. wrote:

I wish they would think about the poor guys when they price their stuff. They have a great choice for parts and I commend them for that but I've bought whole cars cheaper than what they get for a Caddy fender emblem.


Steve wrote:

I have bought a few things from moores,and had no problem they even went as far as cuting some body parts and shipping them to me,

Rich, is a helpful guy at moores,very easy to work with, as in all business transaction if is the buyers responsibility to ask all questions in advance, not the salvage company to read a buyers mind, great place to deal with,thanks again rich!


Harold Guzzwell wrote:

Have only ordered once from Moores but found the service and parts to be first rate. If anything, my only complaint would be communication was a little slow. However, they took the time to call me and clarify my address (eastern Canada) before shipping. Parts were inner fender and battery box for a '79 300 series and were exactly as described. Light surface rust only which easily cleaned up. I am very pleased and will purchase again.


J. Richard Bissit wrote:

I was the high bidder on a 1957 Hemi engine and transmission bolted together. It was described as "stuck" and the oil pan was rusted through. I received an engine in a "better than described" condition. very well and professionally crated, chained. The ethical way I was treated and dealt with was a rare occurance in the "sight unseen" part of our hobby. I can reccomend Rick highly.You may call me for a recomendation at 918-557-8866 9 to 9 CST. J. Richard Blissit Tulsa. 1955 Imperial Newport Coupe








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