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Question from David:

I just greased the body and it still makes a lot of noise. I greased the under carriage at every grease fitting and it still makes noise. Has this happened to anyone else?


From Mark:

If you have squeaks, they're almost always the result of drying out rubber control arm and/or rear leaf spring and shackle bushings (on the later cars, anyway). A few shots of brake fluid on the rubber at the pivot points can cure this. Also, make sure all the associated bolts are tightened up.

From Jay:

Yup. If you're all greased up and still a squeaking, suspect worn bushings. Have someone bounce the care while you listen to: 1) The rear spring bushings and rear shackle bushings. 2) Front control arm bushings, top and bottom.

From Denis:

I've only had one of my Imperials make body noises, and it took a friend to finally solve the problem. It was or is my 62 LeBaron, it Squeaks, and can some times be heard a long distance away. The garages I took it tried lots of things and nothing seemed to work, finally they just said it's an old car live with it Well the friend Brian say a few loose bolts that hold the frame and body together, so he tightened them, and the noise was gown. Must admit that after a time it comes back and just retighten the bolts again. I never would have thought of it on my own.

Tip from Kerry:

While I recently had my car on the lift without the shocks in it, the rear shackle 'reversed'. When I let the car down, it dented up into the trunk floor. I did not know it until I vacuumed the trunk and started wondering about the hump. Back on the lift, apply crowbar, PUSH, Pop, and its back in place. Big lick with the ceremonial rubber mallet popped the trunk floor back in place.

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