Repairing Your Imperial's Gear Selector

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Question from Johan (1965):

I need to get the wire that fits in the guide sleeve that is attached to the column shift and the gear indicator (it makes the little red needle go to "P-R-N-D-2-1" when you shift). I went to the hardware store and what I got to fit (20 gage) thru the sleeve was too soft. Where should I look to find this stuff?

Reply from Gene:

I had the same problem and solved it by using a piece of piano wire. It will do the job. I also remembered after that to unfasten the wire prior to dropping the steering column.

Solution from Johan:

I couldn't find any piano wire to use. (I called a million piano people) and the wire at my local hardware store was too thick or soft.

I did however pick up a foot of the afore mentioned bicycle cable (much easier to get a hold of, nicer people too), cable brackets (mirror hangers with the rings removed) and much more dependable (stiffer) wire. The result is mechanically identical and very easy to put together (took longer to remove the instrument fascia).

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