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Question from Greg (1965):

As luck would have it, the dipstick and tube to the 727 transmission in my '65 Crown convt. has been "misplaced" by either the machine shop who rebuilt the engine, the transmission shop who did the transmission rebuild for the machine shop, or the automotive repair shop who pullled the engine and transmission for the machine shop. No one is willing to accept the blame and, you guessed it, has no clue where the darn things are. I have given up getting any relief from any of the above. Time to move on.

I located one locally by way of a referral from another transmission rebuild shop. The guy who has it claims it came from a 727 torqueflite in a "Chrysler automobile". He got it from a wrecking yard but doesn't know the year or model. He insists the tube and dipstick are universal. Is this true???? He only paid $10 for both so I doubt he is going to charge too much for his time to go to the yard to get them. I just don't want to buy something that is not correct for my car. Is a Chrysler tube with the stick the same size/shape/length as the one for the Imperial? All local transmission shops I've contacted do not have these items and say they are difficult to find. HELP! The restoshop owner says he needs these parts soon. Thanks in advance to whomever can answer my questions.


From Chris:

Trot on down to your local Chrysler / Plymouth / Imperial / Dodge / Desoto / Fargo dealer and order up a new one, these things were used for decades on multiple body styles and should still be in the system.

From Rick:

Yes, it should fit. I had to replace mine. It came from a '66 New Yorker.

From Johan:

The exact thing hapaend to my '65 LeBaron. The shop guy said they were universal and If I brought it back he would find one for me off an older Chrysler. I did and of course the guy called back a month later and said he had the original and asked if I would like it. I came back and compaired them and sure enough man they were identical.

Follow-up from Greg:

Thanks to those who replied to my post concerning the replacement of the tube and dipstick for the 727 transmission in my '65 convertible. I contacted the local Chrysler/Jeep dealership and spoke with a very helpful guy in the parts department. The short version is: The dipstick is still available (new) but the tube has been dropped from production. Unfortunately, the tube for my '65 must come from another '65 donor car (only) as this particular dipstick was used for the '65 model year...period. And it wasn't used on other "lesser models" either, just the Imperial. The part number for the tube is different for Imperials from other years as well as from other Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge models from '65. I confirmed this today with Lowell Howe, who concurred with the local parts man. The tranny was different on the '64 Imperial and the engine was different on the '66. Just wanted this information to be available as some thought a tube from other years/models would work. I learn something new about my '65 all the time! Thank God for Lowell and his fleet of parts cars!

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