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Question from Dedy (1962):

My friend recently acquired 1962 Imperial LeBaron and he got problem identifying what type of transmission it has.

Reply from Kerry:

Your friend has an ALUMINUM Torqueflite transmission which was introduced in '62. It basically was the same for years and years and should not cost much to rebuild.

Question from Neil (1982):

Can someone please help with the identification of the transmission fitted to my 82 imperial? The service manual list three, one is for the six cylinder but it doesn't clarify which one is used on the imperial. The T.I.N is unclear but may read : - CR1388_ _ The serial no. is also unclear : - _ k1202729x 7374 6800


From Rob:

I don't know about TIN # and serial #'s, but I believe your car should have a 904 trans w/ a lock up converter.

From Bob:

The TIN is located on the right side, in front of and slightly above the oil level piping; the serial number is on the left side, on the flange above the oil pan, in a boss on the casting. The TIN number might be something like CR130383, the last eight characters of the car serial number. The EFI Imperials were somewhat different than the other car lines in that they had a Lock-Up Torque Converter just for it. These are sometimes identifiable by removing the small plate in the bottom front of the bell housing and spin the engine until you can read the letters and numbers. These transmissions are equipped with an Imperial "Wide Ratio" set-up of the A-999 or A-904 family, they were built in Kokomo, Indiana and the last eight characters of the serial number are the build date and sequence number.

From Roger:

According to the '81 FSM, body code plate interpretation, line no. 3 code position 9 thru 11 is for transmission sales code. I couldn't find any further delineation anywhere. Maybe Bill Watson or someone else has a secret decoder ring.

Under the transmission section, three trans. are listed, the A-904, A-904-LA [both wide ratio gearset] and A-727. The 225 cid sixes are the only units that don't have a lockup torque converter. Says that trans. won't interchange with V-8 trans. [Remember the FSM is for all rear-drive cars.] [Wouldn't you think they'd be a different number then?]

Under the "stall speed chart" are the following listings: 318 Fed./Cal.= A-904-LA 318 Fed./Cal. H.D.= A-727

So, in this regard anyway, the FSM isn't much help. My guess would be the A-904-LA.

From Bill:

There will be two sets of numbers stamped on the transmission, as you have found.

The number stamped on the passenger side of the transmission, just rear of where the transmission attaches to the engine, will be the last eight digits of your VIN, if the transmission is the original unit. I take it the number "CR1388.." came from there. Check the last 8 digits of your VIN. The "C" is for 1982, "R" for Windsor, Ontario, and the 1388.. will be the sequential production number, In this instance, the car was the 38.8xxth car built.

But, the number you want is on the driver's side of the transmission, toward the rear just above the oil pan.

The 1982 and 1983 Imperial used a version of the A-904, part number 4202 729.

So, the number _ k1202729x 7374 6800 is correct for your car : _ - Year k - Built at Kokomo, Indiana 1202729 - should be 4202729 x 7374 - Date the engine was built 6800 - Sequential production number

By the way, the other car Torqueflite transmissions used in 1982 were 4202 675 (all non-Imperial V8 models); 4202 664 (Heavy Duty 225) and 4202 662 (standard duty 225). The Torqueflites for the V8 models had torque converter lock up while the versions for the slant six did not.

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