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Question from Dan:


I remember some time back there was a thread regarding aomw repairs to be, or being, done on a 727 TorqFlight trans. A few members had replied
with various info or help and while I do not remember just what the origin of it all was I DO remember a few IML'rs saying that they had themselves done work on their trans and found that the 727 was probably the most easy trans to work on...that working on this trans was so much easier than others in their experience........well, I have never attempted to work on a auto trans and my sole experience on trans work was back when I was 18 (around when the dinosaurs went extinct)and had to replace the clutch in my old '59 chevy. I was wondering if anyone out there could suggest a good/decent or GREAT book or manual of some type that I can get which would be of some help in my doing a rebuild on my 1966 convertibles trans. No its not slipping (not yet) and its working OK at the time but after 144000 miles and sitting in the garage for over 10 years I can't believe that it would not benefit from a bit more than just changing the fluid and the filter/screen. Any suggestions about information sources or even schools/classes here in the central New Jersey area would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Reply from Paul:

If it is working good, and it doesn't leak you should just service it.

I have three Imperials with that transmission. One of them has been rebuilt. The other two have only been serviced. They have all been sitting for more than 14 years. One has 72,000 miles and the other has over 150,000. The one that has been rebuilt needed it because before I bought the car, it had pulled an Airstream Trailer over the Grapevine with a blown radiator hose until the engine seized. The transmission also burned up and the fluid turned black.

There is more to servicing these automatics that just changing the fluid. If you service it correctly, you will learn more about it, and it will last a long time.

The only book I would trust to use for working on my car is the shop manual. If something doesn't make sense I read it over and over until it does or ask someone for help. It is the best resource for information on our cars (along with this IML).

Here is a listing of magazine articles  that we feel will be useful for specific and general transmission repair.  If you know of any more good articles in books or magazines, please let us know.


Mopar Action magazine:

A-833 rebuilding/beefing - Mopar Action, Aug `93 - pgs 38-40, 56-59

Torque Converter Tech, Basics - Mopar Action, Oct. `95 - pgs 30-33, 56-59


Mopar Tech magazine:

Building a Rapid torqueflite - Mopar Tech #7 - pgs 38-41

A-833 rebuilding/beefing - Mopar Tech #3 `95 - pgs 52-57

Torqueflite Tweaking (restoring upshift speeds) - Mopar Tech #4 `96 - pgs 38-39


High Performance Mopar magazine:

A-518 Basics Part I- High Perf. Mopar, July `98 - pgs 33-39
A-518 Basics Part II- High Perf. Mopar, July `98 - pgs 48-52, 78-81

Chrysler Power magazine: 
Torqueflites and More (finishing, continuance of above) - Chrysler Power, July `97 - pgs 50-52


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