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Question from Mike (1967):

Hi again, I am going thru the process of replacing the rubber bushings in my 67 IMP. Is the trans mount specific to the imp. or is it the same a reg. c-body's ?, Also what is a source for torsion bars?, the 2 AP stores I checked with had no idea. I've got most of them, When I get the rest of the bushings sorted out, I will post the part numbers and where I got them for the good of the order.


From Jim:

Both the trans mount and the torsion bars are long discontinued by Chrysler but Partsvoice.com does show some availability (unfortunately Mitchell is the most common). Here are the numbers you are looking for:

2535510 or 2535512 rt. torsion bar

2535511 or 2535513 lt. torsion bar

2535516 rt. torsion bar heavy duty

2535517 lt. torsion bar heavy duty

2660673 trans mount (also fits 426 hemi cars from 66 to 70 I believe)

From Steve:

The trans mount is the same as the other cars (A,B, and C except 4 speed) for 1967. Most of the parts chains have them for $9-$15. The Anchor/Doan part number is 2272.

This same mount configuration was used from 66-71 on A bodies, 66-70 on B bodies, 66-69 on C-body automatics only, and '67-'68 Imperials.

Notice that Chrysler upgraded the Imperial to the spool type mount first, in 1969. They knew the first year (1966) that the one-stud small base mount wasn't up to the task, but it was too late to change directions (again). The 1966 Imperial took a one-year only mount, much like the 1965 C-body cars did (although it was a different mount system). The plan to standardize in '66 was a good one, they just took too much cost out of the mount.

The Imperial mounts did differ from the mainstream mounts in durometer only. Dimensionally the mounts were identical.

Tips from Chris (1972):

I recently discovered my transmission mount on my 72 Lebaron was torn to shreds, the vibration in the driveline was a dead giveaway, having already used a polyurethane insert on one of my "lesser" Chrysler products, I decided to give this a try on my Lebaron, since the mount on my Imp looks exactly like the one in my Charger, I figured there was a good chance it would fit, I was right, it fit like it was made for it, vibration is GONE! It's an easy fix, and cheap at $14.95 here's the link: http://store.yahoo.com/chucker54/tranmoun1.html

It's part number ENE5-1101G listed for 71 and up a,b,e bodies, but it fits the IMPERIALS!

You have to re-use the metal shell of your original mount and press in the two halves of the new one, then slide the steel tube through both halves, despite what the instructions say, the best way to remove the old rubber is to set it on fire with a propane torch and toss it out in the driveway, it will burn for almost an hour, when it goes out, a little wire brushing is all that is needed to clean it up ( I used a small wire brush in my die grinder) then both halves and the tube press in by hand-really a slick little item.


From Kerry:

I love to adapt things. The original style mounts are still available also. I got one for my '73 in stock. Think it was about the same price but was a slip in replacement.

From Steve:

In addition to the do-it-yourself polyurethane bushing kit (which works well, if you have the time and energy), Schumacher Creative Services in Seattle produces a brand new urethane mount to replace PN 2892 471. The mount is laser cut, precision formed, welded, then powder coated. New urethane bushings are then installed, that feature a locking ring that mates to the metal tube to ensure accurate fitment. Assembly is finished by insertion of the inner metal tube, through which the long lower bolt passes.

It's really a beautiful piece of work. The part is robust and dimensionally correct. As mentioned, the kits from Mancini work well, but if you're short on time or don't have the patience to rework your original, the Schumacher piece comes out of the box ready to bolt in.

Rubber mounts are still available through the auto parts stores... my personal preference is Pioneer brand (available at Kragen/Advance and through PartsAmerica) and Anchor/Doan also has an offering. Unfortunately these imported pieces are not dimensionally stable, and don't last as long as an original, especially in high horsepower or heavy car applications. Schumacher has the rubber import pieces available as well.

Schumacher can be reached on 206/364-7151. You can see the mount at www.engine-swaps.com, by clicking on the "Urethane Tranny Mount" selection. Be advised that the mount shown on the web site had orange urethane bushings; the production pieces are black.

Question from Dave (1981):

I had to order a new tans mount for my 81 Imp and what I got doesn't look anything like what I have. I ordered it from Autozone, part number 2300. It's held in place by four bolts, two thru the bottom of the trans cross member and two that go thru the side. The one I have is held in place by two bolts and the mount bolts up cross wise to the cross member. Does any one know the right part number I need and where to get it?

Reply from Dick:

NAPA shows a part number BK 6021174, but this may not be what you are looking for. Go to their site and input that part number, there is a picture of it there for you to compare with what you need.

Their site is www.napaonline.com.

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