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Question from Jim (interchange between 1961 - 1963 jacks):


Does anyone know if the tire jack for a '61 will work on a '63? 




From Jay:

Good question. My guess is "yes".

My thinking is that the '61 and '63 front bumpers are identical. Only in '63 did the Imperial go to a different style rear bumper. If the '63 jack looks the same as the '61 jack, I'm willing to put money on the '61 jack working for your car. It would be silly (but not impossible) for Imperial engineers to redesign the jack for '63 just to accommodate the new rear bumper. (and for one year only!?!)

A '61 jack will work on both ends of a '62, as both years have identical bumpers on both ends.

From Denis:


The jack will work for the 61 - 62 - 63 Imperials, for they use the same bumpers.


From John:


The jacks themselves are all the same for that range of years, but the bumper hooks may not be since the bumpers differ in shape quite a bit between 61-66.

Question from Steve (1962 versus 1963):

Will a 62 jack work properly on a 63?


From Paul:

I think that the jack will work fine, but the piece that attaches to the jack that fits the contour of the bumper might be a little different. In thinking about them the last time that I had the trunk apart, they seemed the same. It is easy to check. If you have one and want to know, check the fit of the bumper hook by placing the hook in the notch on the bottom of the bumper with your hands and see if it hooks nice and solid, and that the hook is supported correctly where it leans against the bumper on the top. You should be able to feel if it fits securely that way before trying to jack the car up with it.

I never use the bumper jack for anything but an emergency anyway. They are so flimsy and wobbly. Don't ever get under the car with that jack. It isn't safe. It's barely safe enough to use for changing a tire.

From John:

It would for sure up front, since '61-'63 use the same front bumpers. The hook may or may not be different for the rear.

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