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1931 Imperial Rat Rod

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This radical Imperial Rat Rod came up for sale recently. Here's what the owner had to say about it.

This car is definitley an attention-getter... if your looking for a traditional rod then this is not the car for you. We cannot go anywhere without getting tons of questions and looks! It is right hand drive, stands 36" tall with bags down, roof is hinged to allow easier access unless you like getting on your hands and knees and crawling in! This is not your average hot rod.

The body is a 1931 Chrysler Imperial Sedan. It has been chopped, channeled and shortend from a 4 door to a 2 door. Car stands 36" tall.

The frame is 2x3 tubing with airride suspension 4 link in rear. Air bags on all 4 corners, but hidden very well. All air lines ran through frame. Disc brakes in front Drums in Rear, with proportioning vavles. Dana 60 Rearend.

The engine is a late 60's 327 30 over with double-hump heads. edlebrock 3 duece intake. Custom built radiator. Car was driven around in the heat of summer last year, and never had problems overheating.. In town or on highway. Car is solid on city streets and at HWY speeds. Have had it up to 75 with no problems.

Wheels- 6" with 6.50 x 15 in front 8"with 8.50 x 15 in rear. 20 gal fuel cell

Car is California Registered with ORIGINAL 1931 Plates.

**This Car has also been featured in the centerfold of April 2008 Issue of Rebelrodz magazine**

We hope the new owner will write in and tell us what it's like to drive this unusual car!

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