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1955 Chrysler Ghia Plainsman

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Very rarely does do concept cars come up for sale. The '55 Plainsman was both an incredible concept and, from the photos below, a beloved family heirloom. Here's what the owner had to say about the car:

From the early 50ís until the middle 60ís, almost every Chrysler concept car was designed by Virgil Exner and produced by Ghia of Italy. The federal tax laws required that any concept cars that were brought into the country to be used for show purposes did not have to pay an import duty if they were sent out of the country within 14 months. This particular car after its show circuit was sent to Cuba. The car was given to the president of the Cuban banks and after he was assassinated Chrysler gave the car to the international export manager for Chrysler who lived in Cuba. He escaped with the car during Castroís take over and returned to the United States. There after he was sent by Chrysler to Australia and of course took his favorite car with him, the 1955 Chrysler Ghia station wagon. After many years in Australia he returned to the United States and eventually the car ended up in a very important collection that is now offering it for sale.

The car is unrestored but runs well and has many novel concept car items such as a third seat that sits up or flattens out with power, a hidden gas cap under the tail light and rear gate where the window rolls down into the tailgate and the tailgate under power levels out simultaneously two step plates come out of the bumper for entrance and exit to the third seat. The original interior included many sections of unborn baby calfskin hide.

This is the only concept station wagon that is known to exist from the 50ís or 60ís that ever got into private hands and is one of the most desirable concept cars to ever be offered.

There are many pictures attached that are factory pictures of this car and many cars that represent its current condition. This car is only for the most serious collector or collection. In the last few years concept cars have become the most desirable collector car that you can own as witnessed by the prices of these cars at the Barrett-Jackson auctions.

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