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Mark's 1958 Chrysler Imperial

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The shell pink beauty has only 30K miles, and until last year lived in Montana, so it is in very good condition with excellent chrome. The car was originally bought in Great Falls by an elderly rancher for his wife, who soon died. The car sat, was sold to the ranch foreman when the rancher died, and then to a gentleman in Billings where I purchased it. I had a narrow opportunity to get it and drive home in October, compressed by an oncoming bad weather. I made the trip to Detroit in 2 1/4 days, and averaged 14 mpg. While this was surely the longest trip the car ever made, it did OK, but the spedo quit, and the brakes got very grabby in the drizzle encountered near Chicago (fun- grabby brakes, wet roads and Chicago construction traffic!).

Since it's return, I got the brakes working (note - if you replace wheel cylinders, seal the cylinders to the backing plates to keep water out - these brakes are hyper sensitive to moisture), reupholstered the front seat and did some general refurbishment. Most of the doors had to be opened up and all the window and door mechanicals removed, cleaned and lubed, as 40 year old grease plus Montana dust made them almost inoperable. It rides and handles great on the reproduction 9:00 - 14 Lucas whitewalls, and is pretty silent cruising down the road. A few more things left to do (reseal the transmission, a few areas of paint touch up) and the car will be close to new.

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