Paul and Jo Duff's 1965 Shriner convertible restoration


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Here is what Paul and Jo have to say about their recently acquired Shriner convertible:

As you can see from the photos, the car is in primer and all the trim is removed. Currently everything has been rebuilt or replaced from the radiator to the differential....... Radiator, suspension, brakes, motor,transmission, exhaust, drive shaft, differential windshield, tires....... The car was soda blasted and dismantled and then rust proofed and primer. The car now has the final color coat and clear coat, and I am in the process of installing the trim which I spent the winter polishing. Next I will get a new convertible top and leather interior. I hope to have this done by early summer. The history on the car is, I have been searching for a 65 Shriner convertible for over 10 years, in 2013 I saw a ad on eBay from Florida which I had a feeling was what I was looking for. This car was purchased in 1975 by a man in Florida, He put the car in a warehouse and dismantled it planning on rebuilding it and then he died. It set there until 2013 when the dismantled parts were sold to a car dealer who put it on eBay. I had everything shipped to me at Onawa, Iowa. I then researched it thru the Chrysler Historical Society and confirmed it was what I was looking for. I have since contacted the relatives and Dealer in Florida and learned that no one knew it was a Shriner car. The car was in bad shape from being stored so long, but not rusty. Probably would have been a number 5 and probably would not have been worth rebuilding, except this was a Shriner car, and since I am a long time Shriner it was something I wanted to do. I would be happy to share any information I have and If someone thinks they have a 65 Shriner car they can compare the VIN with mine and it will be within 23 digits of mine. When I get a little farther along this spring I will supply you with some better pictures We have no other information regarding this automobile.







- - UPDATE June 2016 - -


Here is an update on our Shriner convertible. The final paint coat and trim have been completed. The new convertible top has been installed. There is a 3 - month waiting list to get the bumpers redone so I am waiting till winter for that. Up next is to get the window motors rebuilt and rewire the dash and install the dash trim. Last will be a new leather interior. It is taking longer than I planned, but I believe the wait will be worth it. Thanks, Paul



We hope Paul and Jo will keep us posted and tell us more about their progress with this very nice Shriner Imperial restoration.

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