Glenn Bliznick's 1969 Imperial Limousine

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These photos came into our website from Glenn Bliznick in January of 2012

Here is what Glenn had to say about this unusual Limousine:

Here are a few quick shots of my 1969 Imperial Limo. As you'll see its a mess. Hope this feeds your curiousity some :-) Later in the Spring I'll pull it outside to take more photos. I should have the roof and quarter panels at least in primer. One thing I find odd in a Limo is having no power door locks. This is my second Limo without that option, but I notice that like some other Imperials they have a lock cylinder in the rear doors. I'm guessing that was so one could keep things in the rear locked up from the Driver?

I've been working on repairing all of the roof and rear window rust. I found it for sale in a classified ad on the west coast in Oregon. It runs and moves but needs the gas tank dropped and cleaned, a tune up, etc. The car was last used as a livery car or just in general in about 1983 judging by the plates, insurance cards, and paper work in the glove box. It's beat up and whored out and somewhere along the line somebody thought it was a good idea to add Chrysler New Yorker trim pieces onto it, chrome wheels, body side mouldings, just a bunch of "add ons"in general that take away from its proper look. ( the main reason I haven't taken any pictures until now ) I planned on taking some full photos once I had everything stripped off and the body and roof in primer. It is currently white with an awful bright blue velour interior, missing parts of the rear console and just kind of disgusting looking in the entire interior department , again a bunch more things were added to give an 80's stretch limo feel to it.

It also had a bright blue vinyl top and it seems to have about 6 paint jobs on it of many colors. Unfortunately the data tag and build sheets are missing at this time but I havent really taken the inside apart to get too deep into it so maybe they will surface? I can take some photos of the car now but they wont be too great. I have noticed that this car is a full 36 inch stretch all in the center, whereas the photos of the Stageway cars you have online are 30 inches in the center and the last 6 inches in the "dog leg" area just ahead of the rear wheels. Im guessing this was done to give the rear seat that sunk back affect? So I'm not sure yet if this is another Stageway or possibly a Lehmann - Peterson or ???



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We hope Glenn will keep in touch and provide more photos as he continues his restoration of this very rare Limousine


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