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Darryl's 1973 Open Parade Coupe

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These Spy photos were sent into the website of an ultra-rare 1973 custom Open Parade Coupe. We've GOT to know more about this one!


We're looking for you to tell us more about this custom beauty and to get better pictures. Please contact us at The Imperial Club Website.


We hope this is a start in getting more interest in these beauties!


UPDATE: November 2011

Rob says:
I don't know if you would remember me. This is Rob; I'm the guy who came across the fully loaded (well almost at least...) 1972 triple black Imperial coupe for sale, and that I posted an ad for on the Imperial Club page. We spoke almost two years ago, at the suggestion of Steve Weintz, who was interested in it at the time.

At the time I also sent a scan of a white 1973 Imperial "roadster" that was built by a guy who bought my 1973 coupe a few years further back. You posted the scan. Unfortunately, I lost touch with him, and have not been able to find him since. The profile page asked him to reach out, but I doubt he ever did. Too bad, because not only did he have a wealth of parts, he was a very nice guy who shared a passion for fuselage Imperials. Anyway - I was archiving some old email's and I found one from Darryll that he took of the '73 I sold him, after he had it painted. I filed these away at the time, not realizing that a few of the shots captured his '73 roadster in some of them. Since I stumbled across them, I thought you might be interested in seeing them at least, or perhaps posting as well. I note his plate is visible in a couple of views - if you choose to post, perhaps this should be obscured to protect his privacy (I have no clue as to how to do this?)

I hope all is well with you. OIC is still one of my top websites.

BTW I don't know whatever became of the loaded '72. I received a ton of queries at the time from my posting, and pointed them all toward the owner in northern NJ, but no one ever followed up. I hope it went to good home...

Best regards,


Here are the pictures Rob sent us:

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