1973 Imperial Paint Colors and Codes

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This chart shows Imperial body paint codes, color names and Ditzler codes.
blue sky regal blue metallic true blue metallic coral turquoise metallic
B1: Blue Sky B9: Regal Blue Metallic B5: True Blue   Metallic Q5: Coral Turquoise Metallic
2424 2508 2306 2301
sahara beige golden haze metallic burnished red metallic chestnut metallic
L4: Sahara Beige Y6: Golden Haze Metallic E7: Burnished Red Metallic T8: Chestnut Metallic
2457 2509 2321 2425
honey gold tahitian gold metallic mist green forest green metallic
Y3: Honey Gold JY9: Tahitian Gold Metallic F1: Mist Green F8: Forest Green Metallic
2517 2510 2515 2514
sun fire yellow amber sherwood metallic silver frost metallic black & white
Y2: Sunfire Yellow F3: Amber Sherwood Metallic A5: Silver Frost Metallic W1 :Spinnaker White / X9: Formal Black
81574 2316 2513 2033 / 9000 or 9300
The 1973 Dupont chart for Chrysler colors
Dupont colors (90Kb)


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