1985 Chrysler Limousine Description

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The 1985 Chrysler Limousine sets the standard for the contemporary executive carrier. Roomy, comfortable and smooth riding, certainly. But also front-wheel driven, quality built, and backed by a meaningful warranty.

The Chrysler Limousine has a full 131-inch wheelbase, providing seven-passenger capacity. The Limousine's frontwheel drive design increases interior room and passenger comfort. Efficient power for the Limousine comes from the standard Mitsubishi-built 2.6 liter Silent Shaft four-cylinder engine.

Chrysler Limousine is built with extensive quality control procedures and corrosion-resistant provisions including use of galvanized steels and special paints and primers. Special Limousine construction involves strengthened structural assemblies and suspension components for durability. Chrysler Corporation is so confident of the Limousine's quality that it is covered by the 5/50 Protection Plan. This is a limited warranty extending coverage to five years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, on engine, trans- X axle and axle‹plus outer panel rust-through protection. A deductible may apply. Fleet and lease vehicles are excluded. See your Chrysler dealer for details.

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The Limousine has an extensive list of standard features. With some significant exclusive features. For example, two radios. In front for the driver is an electronically tuned AM/FM stereo unit with integral digital clock. In the rear is the new Ultimate Sound 36-watt AM stereo* and FM stereo radio with cassette player and graphic equalizer (see page 6).

Other exclusive standards include stainless steel exhaust system; padded vinyl landau roof with opera lamps; telephone installation provision behind the rear seat folding center armrest, and a complete lighting package featuring rear seat Glamour Light Module incorporating two center courtesy/ reading lamps.

A unique Limousine standard feature is the power-operated sliding glass window in the divider between front and rear seats

*Limited AM stereo reception may be experienced in some areas because some AM stereo broadcasting is not compatible with this radio's reception capability.

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